Monday, 4 May 2015

High quality wood briquettes for wood-fired pizza ovens

Our daily French Oak production generates sawdust which has been pressed into single, 70x70mm briquettes. They're non-treated and 100% environmentally friendly. These eco-briquettes generate a much greater heat than regular timber whilst being extremely low in ash. Plus, they noticeably reduce your wood consumption.

Max from Portone Pizza in Balaclava is convinced: these briquettes add that perfect natural flavour to his pizzas. "The quality is amazing and I'm paying less. It's fantastic." Max uses the briquettes in combination with normal red-gum and a bit of smoke for a unique  and delicious wood-fired taste.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity since our stock is limited and selling fast.

(Please note: Bales pick-up by trailer/ute and appointment only)

  •  1 single bag for $6
  • 10 single bags for $50
  • 1 bale for $45
For commercial offers, price and transport are negotiable. Please contact us for a trial back.

Single Briquette: 70x70-100mm
Single Bag Briquettes: 14-17kg

Bale with Briquettes: 1200x1200; 400-600kg

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