Monday, 1 June 2015

Bulk bales all sold

Bulk bales all sold till July. 

To go on our bulk bale list, please send an email to and put in the title bulk bales and leave your contact details.
Bulk customers will generally estimate their consumption and we will put aside bales for them in the off season so they can accumulate fuel for the winter at a reduced rate.
Please refer to email contact only!

Monday, 4 May 2015

High quality wood briquettes for wood-fired pizza ovens

Our daily French Oak production generates sawdust which has been pressed into single, 70x70mm briquettes. They're non-treated and 100% environmentally friendly. These eco-briquettes generate a much greater heat than regular timber whilst being extremely low in ash. Plus, they noticeably reduce your wood consumption.

Max from Portone Pizza in Balaclava is convinced: these briquettes add that perfect natural flavour to his pizzas. "The quality is amazing and I'm paying less. It's fantastic." Max uses the briquettes in combination with normal red-gum and a bit of smoke for a unique  and delicious wood-fired taste.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity since our stock is limited and selling fast.

(Please note: Bales pick-up by trailer/ute and appointment only)

  •  1 single bag for $6
  • 10 single bags for $50
  • 1 bale for $45
For commercial offers, price and transport are negotiable. Please contact us for a trial back.

Single Briquette: 70x70-100mm
Single Bag Briquettes: 14-17kg

Bale with Briquettes: 1200x1200; 400-600kg

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wood briquettes end of season

24 bags $100
Call 95535362 to organise
Collect from highett

Bulk bale sales

Cheapest Firewood deal you can find

We have been busy again, so while its hot get some cheap firewood.
Bales of briquettes in bales or kindling we are trading for a case of Heineken or Corona.
bales vary according to offcuts, none has been treated and ready to burn

8 bales are left
Call 0405090696 to organise

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Wood Briquettes Special!

Get 24 bags of Wood Briquettes for $100 while current stocks last.

Firewood off cuts are also available for $60 a bale.

For more information about our products please view our website

To order please email

Monday, 5 August 2013

Wood Briquettes & Firewood

We currently have in stock both bags of firewood and wood briquettes

Price's as follows;

$8.00 each
$6.00 each (10 bag minimum)
$5.00 each (30 bag minimum)

to place your order, please email

For more information about our product please view our website

Monday, 11 March 2013

Wood Briquettes

Fuel briquette is a cylindrical compressed fuel made from  ecologically clean biomass products (100% recycled French Oak from PEFC/FSC forests), making them environmentally friendly and a source of renewable energy. 
The briquettes are high quality product and are free of glue or any other binding or additives. 
Eco-briquttes have higher calorific value than that of timber hardwood: meaning for the same volume of wood our oak eco-briquettes generate more heat than that of timber. 
Our briquettes are in the shape of round logs, approx 70mm diameter x 70-100mm and are packed in a range of easy to handle sizes

How are they made?
As a result of productions from our flooring company, as substantial amount of wood shavings and sawdust is generated. 
Fuel briquette is made from preliminary dried biomass products (wood) compressed using a Por Oscar Briquetting Press purchased from Les Fields at Woodfield Machinery in Melbourne
The process involves compressing the materials under high pressure and temperature without the addition of any additives or chemical splicing substances. 
Splicing occures due to the high pressure of the briquette press and allocation of lignite substance that contains biomass products. As a result we have ecologically clean ful with extreme energy density. All of our products are made from 100% oak that has come from PEFC/FSC forests. 

Price (Pre-Winter Sept-Apr)
1 x bag briquette $6.00 each
1 x bale $120.00 each
1 x bale bag fee $15.00 each
**bale fee applies to every bale, you can return the bale bag for credit or re-use on your next bale purchase

Price (Winter May-Aug)
1 x bag briquette $8.00 each
1 x bale $180.00 each
1 x bale bag fee $15.00 each
**bale fee applies to every bale, you can return the bale bag for credit or re-use on your next bale purchase

1 x Single Briquette 70 x70-100  
1 x Bag   750 x 470 (Approx 15-18kg)
1 x Bale   1200x1200 (Approx 550-750kg)
** please note sizes and weight will vary